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am i simply amazing?

Name: Whitney
Age: 16 (17 in aug)
Sex: female
Location: hot and sunny florida
Grade/Occupation: upcomming senior in highschool...
Three words that sum you up:  fun, open minded, outgoing

Top 5 favorvite movies: office space, how to lose a guy in 10 days, shes all that, american pie(1), finding nemo!!
Top 5 favorite Bands/Artists:oasis, dave matthews, the who, beach boys, and led zepellin
Fave Food: chocolate sufle'
Fave Color: pink
Fave Book: honestly im embarresed to say im not a reader...
Fave Song and why? wonderwall by oasis... the song has alot of meaning behind it for me, it is my boyfriend and i's song together... my memory of the song is from the first night i heard it, nick and i were laying on a couch listening to music and he put it on and said "this is my whitney song, ive always liked it but ive never had anyone to relate it to" and ever since every time i listen to it i get the same feeling i did that first time i heard it.

Opinions On...
Abortion: im on the fence... i belive that girls who are raped should absolutly be able to have the option to get an abortion i know that if it was me i would absolutly not want to have a baby by someone i didnt know... BUT on the other side... if a girl is absent minded and chooses to make a wrong/stupid decision than that is there fault and they shouldnt be aloud to take the life of an innocent child.
Drug/Alcohol Use: well im not a big fan of drugs i think that they are really not a smart way to go, and alchohol REALLY isnt very smart either if you arent being responsible, BUT i cant honestly say i havent had drinks at partys befor.
Homosexuality: thats a choice any one should be aloud to make. if you love someone of the same sex than thats great... some people search there whole life looking for love but never find it.
Religion: ive learned that religion is just a way of life... i mean im not a very religious person my self. i really think that we are all the samme others just belive things are a little different
The Government: i really have been trying to not listen to what is going on right now... i feel like they are really unorgainised... and thats about it
Suicide/Self-Injury: it is REALLY sad... i have alot of sympathy for people who do it... i have lost a friend from it... and sometimes i really wish there was more help for those people because alot of them just need love.
Premarital Sex: well im 16 almost 17 and im going to be a senior in highschool, i am still a virgin and i know that barly ANY of my friends can still say that. i cant honestly say i am waiting until marrage because im not... i just havent felt that "special" feeling with someone yet. so is premarital wrong... i dont think so....

What's one thing you couldn't live without and why? my best friend erika. shes definitly someone that is the definitly of always being there for me.
If you were stranded on a deserted island what 5 things would you want with you? food, water, nick (my boyfriend), erika, and a boombox to listen to music
Why is Stephanie cool? because shes simply amazing
Who do you admire and why? my mom, she has been through ALOT in her life, from being abused while she was pregnate to going through some very painful surgerys. she is now living a great life and she helps people in every way she can.
Do you have a song that has had an impact on your life...if so, what is it and why? theres a song called soon as my heart breaks its by taylor dayne. that song was sort of something i lived by when i was going through a realllly tough heart break. it talks about everything i was feeling.
Do you play any instruments? no way... thats just a sin to give me an instrument
What's something unique about yourself? im a compition dancer. ive been dancing for 13 years.

About the Community
Where did you hear about simplyxamazing? im a member of w0w hottness and simply amazing is there sister community!
Please promote us to one community and one user and list/link them: girly_girls and babyfce204
Why do you want to be in this community? because i like hearing what people think and i also like comenting on others
What would you do for this community? i speak my mind all the time i never hold anything back... so i will give my honest opinions
Would you be active in this community? yes... im always on LJ checking my communitys and things.
Why are you simply amazing? because i have a deep heart and ilove to have fun and i think that i have looks aswell!


my dancing

thanks guys...

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