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am i simply amazing?



Name: Lauren
Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: jersey shore
Grade/Occupation: sophomore
Three words that sum you up: funny, intellectual, outgoing

Top 5 favorvite movies: A Beautiful Mind, Dirty Dancing, Finding Nemo, Kill Bll Volume 1, Superstar
Top 5 favorite Bands/Artists: 311, Matchboxtwenty, Jack Johnson, Nirvana, Eminem
Fave Food: peanut butter and chocolate ice cream
Fave Color: green
Fave Book: Chesapeake by James Michener
Fave Song and why? Kody by Matchboxtwenty- it reminds me of worse times and how I got through them.

Opinions On...
Abortion: if it's a rape case than the woman has every right to an abortion. if it's some stupid teenage slut i feel she should have the baby, but give it up for adoption.
Drug/Alcohol Use: every once inawhile I get a bit drunk, but doing drugs isn't right, and i won't judge people that use but i'm not a fan of it.
Homosexuality: if you seriously love the person, love can conquer all. after all, love is love.
Religion: i'm not a very religious person, but i don't have anything against people that are. i actually do wish i went to church a bit more often even though i don't.
The Government: whether kerry or bush wins, we lose.
Suicide/Self-Injury: i wish the people that have committed suicide or inflict pain upon themselves would just seek help, it's not fair for them to think it's the only way out. i would be too scared to do either.
Premarital Sex: running around like a little slut is never okay, but if you're loving someone it doesn't harm anyone to show it. my sister was born before my parents got married and if she hadn't been then she never would have met my grandma so i believe everything happens for a reason.

What's one thing you couldn't live without and why? my mother, she supports me in every way possible
If you were stranded on a deserted island what 5 things would you want with you? my mother, my boyfriend, my best friend, lots of music, and endless amounts of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream
Why is Stephanie cool? because she is simply amazing
Who do you admire and why? i admire my best friend, kevin, because he went through so many family problems, medical problems, and fought cancer. i wish i could be even half as strong as him.
Do you have a song that has had an impact on your life...if so, what is it and why? this may sound like some stupid little girl song, but the song "You Got A Friend In Me" from Monsters Inc. because it's the last movie i watched with kevin before he moved and we sing it to eachother just kidding around. it's kind of cute actually.
Do you play any instruments? guitar
What's something unique about yourself? whenever somebody says "how funny would it be if we..." i'm always the first person to do it. and depending on what it is, i'm usually the only person to do it.

About the Community
Where did you hear about simplyxamazing? wow_hottness
Please promote us to one community and one user and list/link them: user- kiss2kill community- beautyforever
Why do you want to be in this community? i'm curious as to what different people have to think about me because i haven't seen any of the members in any other rating community i've been to
What would you do for this community? promote! promote! promote!
Would you be active in this community? naturally
Why are you simply amazing? I am simply amazing because I'm multi-talented, I think I'm at least a little bit pretty (I don't want to sound conceited here), and I fully respect people and their opinions.

in the middle wearing half my cheerleading uniform.. haha

on the left in all of my cheerleading uniform this time : ]

on the right

on the right.. playing dress up in the mall.. haha


thanks for your time <33

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